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There are many benefits to being a member of the Charles City Area Chamber of Commerce. It’s really up to you as to what extent you wish to take advantage of all of the different opportunities. You can also stay informed about issues that may affect your business and/or community, as well as have a trusted resource partner to rely on.

Membership Fees are based on a tiered dues system that allows you to select the level of services you want and can be paid annually, semi-annually or quarterly. In addition, there are Ala Carte offerings to enhance your membership experience.

Your membership also supports the improvement and promotion of Charles City and Floyd County. The Chamber actively markets our area tourism offerings throughout the region. We also serve as the hub for visitor and community information, as well as partner with governmental and other entities for the betterment of Charles City

The Charles City Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to promoting the business climate, supporting economic development and enhancing the quality of life in Charles City. It is our members and their level of involvement and support that really drives our success. Add your voice and ideas by joining our Chamber family; Charles City as a whole will be the better for it!

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